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Delivering Surplus Food – Enfield

Delivering Surplus Food – Enfield

(In aid of The Felix Project)

Join one of the fabulous Felix Project volunteer drivers on a route, collecting surplus food from suppliers such as supermarkets and food distributors, then delivering it to charities – it’s a great opportunity to see how perfectly good surplus food is saved from waste and put straight into the hands of those who really need it! This role includes representing the charity, supporting the navigation of routes, helping load and unload vans, carrying out the general administration of the routes.

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Enfield, UK


Activity Duration Estimate - 4 Hours

Age Appropriate



Spaces Available
Adult Child
31/12/2018 12:46 pm40
31/12/2018 08:45 am40
28/12/2018 08:45 am40
27/12/2018 12:45 pm40
27/12/2018 08:45 am40
26/12/2018 12:45 pm40
26/12/2018 08:45 am40

Please note that moderate lifting is involved in this activity, and that you are responsible for your health and safety. You will be shown how to lift safely. Parking is available.