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GIFT Ambassador – Supporting Foodbank

GIFT Ambassador – Supporting Foodbank

(In aid of GIFT)

Support GIFT in their quest to keep their foodbank overflowing so that when families are in need, there is always something to give them. You will have a brief phone chat with a member of the team about the role and to agree at which kosher shop/s you would like to do your shift/s. You’ll collect some GIFT merchandise to show you are an Ambassador for the charity (you can even where a green tutu if the mood takes you!). The role involves standing in an agreed area either inside or outside the shop, and invite customers to consider buying extra items from the GIFT list. This is a great way to help people pay forward gratitude for having a fully stocked larder!

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London, UK


Activity Duration Estimate - 2 Hours

  • familyuser

    Family Friendly

Age Appropriate

All Ages


Spaces Available
Adult Child
26/12/2018 01:00 pm4850

The time and date listed is only suggested. Time and date to be arranged with GIFT based on opening times of kosher shops. Under 18s need to be accompanied by an adult.