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Activity Categories

Light up a life this holiday season by taking Cadbury’s chocolate boxes to a variety of hospitals, hospices and day centres around London. Whether you spend time with the recipients or leave the chocolates at reception, this is a great way to make someone smile.
Chocolates MUST be picked up at Tikun at LEAST 24 hours BEFORE drop off. Address: Tikun: 1117 Finchley Road, NW11 0QB.
Give back by lending a in hand in the Handel and Hendrix Museum or organising sing-a-longs and festive music sessions.Lend a hand by organising tea time, befriend those who might otherwise be alone, or help out in a charity shop. Whatever you decide you’ll be spending time with people!

Make, bake or buy treats for your local fire services, help make meals for the homeless, or lend a hand at Christmas lunches. All these activities revolve around food and time spent enjoying it!

Let your creativity shine and make something wonderful this winter!

Drive staff from care homes to and from work on days with tube closures.

Lend a hand in organisations that are short-staffed this winter and really get stuck in to something great! Whether you work in a charity shop or office, or organise games and activities you will be making a huge difference!

Volunteer in drop-in centres, shelters and soup kitchens and give back to those hit hardest by the winter months.

Volunteering opportunities for the whole family!

Activities for teens.

By looking up running clubs and trust organisations, you can help charities to raise essential funds from the comfort of your own home!