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Write Chanuka Cards to people with mental health needs

Write Chanuka Cards to people with mental health needs

(In aid of JAMI)

Send a digital Light Up A Life Chanuka card to Jami clients to let them know someone is thinking of them and brighten their day.  Sign up below and don’t worry about the date. Following sign up you will be contacted by Light Up A Life with 2 card designs that you can print off/scan and email to Jami. They will then be distributed to Jami clients.

About Jami:

Jami has over 30 years of extensive experience working with the Jewish community to provide effective support and facilitate recovery for all those affected by poor mental health. Symptoms of mental health affect all areas of our lives, and can lead to social isolation, as we may withdraw from seeing friends and family, going to work or participating in hobbies we once enjoyed. At Jami, we recognise the profound impact that meaningful connections can have on wellbeing and living a happy and fulfilled life, as well as how they can facilitate recovery and integration within the community. We welcome applicants from Jewish and non-Jewish volunteers and from the whole spectrum of the community and are very grateful for your support.

Please make sure you tick the box ‘I am attending as a volunteer’. 

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Activity Duration Estimate - 1 Hours

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You will receive 2 card designs in the coming days to print out at home and scan back to Kelvin Zane at Jami. Please email the cards back by the 3rd of December in order to leave enough time for Kelvin to forward them to the clients.

Please include a kind message and keep it simple. For example something along the lines of wishing you a wonderful Chanuka! Love from.. and maybe a nice picture from a child. Please be sensitive to the needs of people with mental health conditions.

Thank you so much for signing up to do this wonderful Mitzvah!