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Why I give #Gratitude

Published on December 11, 2018 by David

Through my life, from the moment that I was born, I have been on the receiving end of so much giving and goodness. Whether at home, as my parents devoted so much of their time to give to me. Then through school as my teachers just gave and gave to educate and pass over so much wisdom and knowledge. Then there were the times that I needed to go to see the doctor or visit A&E. Whether from my own family and community, or the broader community, I have received so much and owe so much gratitude to so many people. Because of all this I want to be able to show how much I appreciate all that has been done for me. To me, a great way to show appreciation for that which has been given to me is to in turn give back to those that have helped me.  This giving can be anything from a small box of chocolates or a nice bouquet of flowers to doing a favour when they need it the most.

Light Up A Life family volunteers delivering chocolates to Barnet Hospital

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to return a favour or show the correct appreciation to the person who gave to me. So, for me, this is where Light Up A Life comes in. So much has been given to me by the greater society, I feel that to give back to that society is truly a way of showing my appreciation. ‘Pay it Forward’ can also be a way to show my gratitude. This idea is that I can show my appreciation for what has been done to me by helping someone else who is in need. If that person does the same, I can start a ripple effect that will eventually come back to help those who gave to me in the first place. With Light Up A Life, we are doing this. The opportunities that are available are catered to be able to show gratitude to the greater society, whether through a means of giving back or by paying it forward.
Rabbi Mordechai Chalk
This year’s project we are focusing on the gratitude ethos of the project as such we are sharing thoughts of leaders and participants of the project. Would you like to contribute? Send us your thoughts to
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