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Real Giving

Published on December 11, 2018 by David

I love people. I love that all people have a common language. A group of my students once went busking in downtown Jerusalem on a cold winter day. They collected some money, went into a clothing store, purchased a coat and handed it to a homeless woman. She was moved to tears and started hugging them. When they were telling me what they had done, I distinctly remember how good they felt, they were so full of love, it was contagious! When we give, we feel love, it’s a universal fact. There is something so beautiful about human beings, no matter the culture or country, when we give, we receive. Giving gives us energy, giving gives us love, giving gives us happiness. Giving is the language we all share.

Light Up a Life volunteers serving and socialising at a homeless centre

We human beings are blessed with wisdom. We know that giving has to be in the right context. We intuitively know that its bad to give peanuts to someone who is allergic to peanuts! That is bad giving. We also know that to give an alcoholic another drink is bad giving. We also know that giving someone unemployed a job is better than giving him a sandwich. Imagine how silly it would look if we gave someone who was sneezing from a cat allergy a tissue instead of removing the cat. We struggle with this sometimes, because we all like to feel that good feeling when we give. Sometimes giving without wisdom, feels better, and that good feeling can blind me from my wisdom. Giving with wisdom is the key. Let’s give wisely.

Rabbi Yaakov Tatz

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